My Wacky Garden Door

You may have noticed a lime green door in the background of my bouquet pictures.  It's my favorite piece of garden art in our yard, but it didn't start out that way.

The Assistant, as sweet and helpful as she is, has a fence fighting problem.  So when the neighbors kitty-corner behind our house, that share about three feet of our fence line, bought a new dog in the spring of 2010, she turned into a ferocious beast and tried to claw, dig, hit, and jump her way through the fence. 
The Assistant is a recovering fence fighter.
So, I decided to build a barricade with a garden door.  I wanted to find an old ugly carved door with plenty of character.  We found it at our first stop at the Clark County Habitat for Humanity ReStore for 50% off.  Score!

I really liked the quirky brass handle and painted it with a copper finish.  And we liked the carved eagle because as a happy coincidence, both of our high school mascots were eagles.

Now, I shudder to show you these bad photos that I took for my garden journal, but I wanted to show you the process.  

We cut two 2 by 4's and screwed them into the fence posts.  
 Then we attached the wood door with screws.  We added fence boards on each side.
I toned down the paint color to a lime green.  And we landscaped a path to the door.  But then the damnedest thing happened...I kept fighting the urge to go open the door.  The door that I had personally screwed into place.  

So, I painted Parallel Universe across the top of the door and that immediately quieted my urge to open the door.  Plus it touches on my love of science fiction.  The fence fighting ended in the spring of 2010 and I continue to enjoy our wacky garden door and The Assistant's calmer state of mind.