A Lovely Gift

Last Friday was a doozy of a day; the kind that makes you cringe before your feet hit the floor in the morning.  It was Maya’s last day and I had volunteered to help my friend with her mom’s funeral reception.  I fed Maya some steak for breakfast and brewed a French Press of coffee.  When I reached into the fridge to pull out the fresh eggs that my friend, Marlena, had given me following our plant-shopping extravaganza at Garden Fever, I was struck by the beauty of the eggs.  I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.
I simply adore fried eggs and fresh eggs from a friend’s chickens are a special treat.  How is it that a simple fried egg placed on top of a normal meal suddenly makes it extraordinary?  I like to slide them on top of sautéed greens, rice, leftovers, and even the occasional bowl of soup.
The eggs from Marlena were delicious and I smiled at the day-old memory of our running around in the rain picking out beautiful plants together for her garden.  I savored every bite of the eggs and felt shored up for the day.  On Saturday, I fried up the rest of the eggs and shared them with My Pirate.  The fried eggs brought a smile to our faces as we mused over our memories of Maya. 

Marlena, thanks for the sustenance!