Tuna Melt Crostini for Lunch

I respect recipes, I really do.  But most of my meals are based on what food is hanging around in my kitchen or tucked away in my freezer for safekeeping.  For instance, today I made a light and colorful tuna melt with just enough cheese to hold it together.  And without a speck of mayonnaise, because I prefer mayonnaise on someone else’s plate.

All I did was toast up a couple of frozen baguette slices.  And topped them with some chunks of canned tuna, sliced red onion and peppers, chopped parsley and some grated Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese.  I sprinkled on some good salt, pepper, and a dash of red cayenne.

I put my creation under my broiler for a couple of minutes.  And then voila, lunch was served.  It was pretty and delicious and I saved the last crunchy piece of crust for The Assistant.  She approved.