Body Armor and Band-aids

The rugosa roses have grown to a towering 10 feet tall in the past 5 years and they look like they might just start stealing school children off the sidewalk as a secondary source of nitrogen.  So, I knew it was time to do something…so I went and asked Rob a few questions at Shorty’s Nursery.  Rob’s information has never let me down.  He told me that I could prune the rugosa roses back as hard as I wanted, which filled me with glee.  Until I realized that I would have to get near those spiky mean buggers again.  They make me bleed. Nothing short of full body armor can protect you from those massive  and plentiful thorns.

So, I gathered up my leather gloves, pruning gear and courage today and attacked.  I bled, but in the end, sweet victory was mine.  I sculpted them back to their main form and I’m happy with them.  I’m curious to see how they do this summer after the hard pruning.  I love their fragrant blossoms and rose hips.  Definitely worth a few band-aids!