An Alien in My Garden

I've been observing a new alien emerge in my garden.   It's maroon red with white flowers and it smells faintly sweet.
Close up of a Petasites japonicus bloom
And I was briefly flummoxed until I realized that they came up where I had planted my new Petasites japonicus that I bought last spring at the Rare Plant Sale.    

Petasites japonicus bloom with new leaves emerging
These blooms are such a lovely surprise!  And so, I cut one bloom and made a bouquet!
I surrounded the alien bloom with Indian Plum, Spike Winter Hazel, variegated daphne blooms, and Chinese Fairy Bells with berries.  
For a final flourish I tied some green twine around the throat of the vase and tied it in a bow.  My friend, Toni, gave me these fabulous colored twines to use on my bouquets.  Thanks Toni for the thoughtful gift!  And then I gave my alien bouquet away.