Garden Blogger Bloom Day: March 2013

This is my 100th post...let's celebrate with flowers.  Happy Garden Blogger Bloom Day to you! 

The variegated daphne is perfuming our front entry.  

Mother Nature surprised me with some volunteer daffodils in my front yard.  I like to imagine that a


guerrilla gardener slipped them into my front bed as a treat. 

The Indian Plum,

Osmaronia cerasiformis,

 is in full bloom right now.  The Anna's Hummingbirds love it and have stopped dive bombing me in the garden.  A win-win.

The hellebores are strutting their stuff.

And the Spike Winter Hazel,

Corylopsis spicata

, is in full bloom. 

The flowers remind me of yellow taffeta ball gowns.  Simply gorgeous.

An alien bloom emerged, much to my surprise.

It's a 

Petasites japonicus

bloom. Isn't it cool?

After admiring all of the flowers, I picked a bouquet.   

Please take a moment to visit

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

who hosts this monthly event.