Saying Good-bye

Yesterday, we said good-bye to our precious girl, Maya.  And now, we grieve and celebrate her well-lived life.  Maya enjoyed every mud puddle, fresh crunchy pinecone, car ride, and day in the garden.  I’ll miss watching her smile her silly smile at me, chasing her tail, barking at aliens on the TV, and howling with me as I sang to her.  And I’ll never forget how she made me feel.

Grief is the price of love.  And it’s worth it.  Thanks Maya, for showing me how to really live.

Afternoon on the Columbia
by Laura Heldreth on April 2000
The sun falls upon her reflecting ebony
and wet sand clinging to her coat, sparkles.
Her smile splatters around a wet stick.
And quicksand drool marks her path
towards me.