Barnaby Puts the Aww in Awkward

sleepy Barnaby

Barnaby is busy taking a nap right now.

hungry Barnaby
But, I know that at any minute he's going to wake up and deliver his food dish to me, again.  He's either sleeping, eating or asking to be fed, or has the puppy crazies.  There is very little middle ground with him, lately.  

Last week, he took offense to my new toenail polish when I painted my nails.  So he sat on my lap, all fifty plus pounds of him, and barked at my toes until I finished laughing and put on some socks.  

baby Barnaby
Remember this little cutie back in April?  Oh, how he has grown!  This afternoon, I called out to him in the yard and he came running with his jowls drooling, ears flopping, and his legs flailing.  My poor flummoxed camera kept trying to focus on the hosta flowers; sorry about that.   

 Doesn't he put the aww in awkward?