Would you like a Pineapple Mint Wine Spritzer with Raspberries?

Pineapple Mint and Raspberry Wine Spritzer

My Kid always chose pineapple mint, Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata', as his plant in the garden.  Whenever I see it in the garden I think of him and smile.  I always imagine him at 6 years old, playing outside in his yellow rubber boots with his pockets filled with his garage sale treasures of old watches and rings of old keys;  never as the successful young man that he has become.  

Pineapple mint is beautiful, fragrant, and I love to use it in iced tea and cocktails because it plays a subtle supporting role.   I usually cook the pineapple mint down in a simple syrup.  But this time, I simply rubbed the leaves between my fingers and added them to a tumbler glass filled with ice, raspberries and Red Moscato ($5) wine.  Then I added a slosh of ginger-ale to add some bubbles.

I served it to My Pirate on our back patio.  We kicked up our feet, watched the dogs chew on their sticks, and savored our quiet time together in our garden.  

Pineapple Mint Wine Spritzer with Raspberries 

If you don't have pineapple mint, I recommend using apple mint or pineapple sage instead.

Red Moscato, chilled--we used Barefoot or you could substitute Rose
ice cubes
fresh raspberries
pineapple mint leaves, muddle with your fingers before adding to the glass
(optional) splash of ginger-ale or lemon lime soda for fizz

Fill a glass or pitcher with ice.  Add the mint leaves, raspberries, soda, and wine.  Enjoy.