Without Pain

These past few months are the first time that I’ve gardened and cooked without pain. It feels amazing.

When I eighteen years old, I was injured in a car accident and despite medical care, didn’t heal properly.  After a decade of doctor visits, casts, injections, exercises and surgeries--I gave up and accepted the pain as permanent.  

But then, three years ago, late season blight hit my twenty six tomato plants in My Victory Garden.  I was devastated and even the grade school counselor walking by couldn’t console me.  I had to take a season off from growing tomatoes in my own garden, so I signed up for a community garden plot at Haagen Park.

That summer, I walked loops around the park after I worked in the plot and my back spasms wouldn’t stop.  So, I went to go see My Pirate’s physical therapist, Kelly, and she correctly diagnosed the problem and had a solution.  She was the first person to validate my nineteen years of pain, numbness and frustration.  And I sobbed with relief on the drive home.

You see, my body had healed wrong after the accident and over the years, layer upon layer of scar tissue had built over the original injury until my body twisted and the scar tissue had hardened like body armor.   And it’s taken two years of physical therapy, deep tissue massage, a PRP injection, exercise, and lots of ice to heal.  Through it all, Kelly and Marlena have given me hope, encouragement, entertaining stories, and laughter.  

In August, I’m turning 40 years old and I’ve never felt better.  While my friends complain about getting older, I feel like I have a strong new body and I’m moving into a new era filled with possibilities.   Even running.  Life is only getting better and I no longer plan my day around my pain tolerance.  I am free. And grateful. 

If you are in pain, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Kelly at Lifestyles Physical Therapy. They book quickly, so don't delay.  Plus, you can go plant shopping at Xera Plants Retail Store afterwards.
Lifestyles Physical Therapy
916 SE Hawthorn Blvd.
(503) 235-3386