Tickled Pink

One of the perks of growing vegetables in my front yard is that I get to talk to other vegetable gardeners.  I learn new things from more experienced gardeners and I get to share with beginning gardeners who are overflowing with enthusiasm.   I know when a gardener is at my door because they knock instead of ringing the doorbell.  And a soft knock is usually a question regarding a plants name or seeds and a firm rhythmic knock is a question about vegetable gardening or the lawn.

This season, our substitute mailman brought me three tomato plants that he started.  And on Tuesday,  a neighbor who now has three raised beds in front of his house, brought me a beautiful lily to add to my garden.  And I was tickled pink.  Isn't it beautiful?!?  It arrived just in time to be added to the front bed where we ripped out the sick rhododendron.