Update on Poetry Post Plantings

Petasites Japonicas 'giganteus' in the morning light

I think that My Pirate is slowly becoming a gardener.  Last year at the Rare Plant Sale he impulsively bought a Japanese Coltsfoot, Petasites Japonicas 'giganteus'.  We cut the plant into three sections and planted it in the Shock and Awe Bed.  (Although lately, we're referring to it as the Shockingly Awful Bed.)  It's the place in the front where I plant fun plants.  We added our new poetry post to the area this spring.    
Petasites Japonicas 'giganteus' leaf
 The Japanese Coltsfoot is a beautiful thug.  In one years time it has covered a ten by ten foot area.  It's over four feet tall and the leaves are over two and a half feet wide and they are still growing.
I also planted a Tetrapanax papyrifera 'Steroidal Giant' in the front corner.  Pure insanity.  
 And those leaves are over three feet wide now.  
Tetrapanax papyrifera 'steroidal giant' leaf 
My Pirate keeps complaining about how big the Shock and Awe Bed has become.  The other day, I offered to rip out the Japanese Coltsfoot for him, and he said, "Look at those leaves, it's too beautiful to rip out.  We'll just move it."

And I laughed.  He sounded just like me.