My Garden at Dawn and Bloom Day

Sleep was elusive last night.  So, I eagerly awaited the dawn.  My garden has many moods and dawn is my new favorite.  The birds murmur and call as a soft thin white light pulls the colorful sunrise into the sky.  Then there is a flurry of activity from the birds and squirrels and I feel like every leaf is shaking itself off and stretching. 

I stood outside with my camera aimed at the fog-smudged garden while my neighbor swept her sidewalk at 5 am.  Fishermen drove by pulling their boats with their coolers filled with snacks and gave me a quiet nod.  That is all that is needed from others at 5 am, a simple nod of acknowledgment.  The hummingbirds and The Assistant accompanied me through the garden while My Pirate and Barnaby slept snuggled in our bed.  A French press of coffee steeped while I explored the damp morning.

The mock orange is covered with fragrant white blossoms.
 A pea blossom has wandered into the potatoes.
 Borage volunteers are beginning to bloom.

 Gold cape fuchsias are popular with the hummingbirds.

And so are the fuchsia cape fuchsias.
And so is the Husker Red Beard-Tongue Penstemon. 
 The last Royal Wedding Oriental Poppy Blossom decided to open today, but it still looks like crumpled tissue paper at dawn.
 The Wild Spice Rugosa Rose blooms will continue to bloom until fall.  I'm charmed by how the blooms close up at night.
 The bears breeches, Acanthus Mollis, blooms are beginning to open on long spikes.
 The hosta blooms are opening.  I love to use them in bouquets.
 The meadowsweet, filipendula, flowers are beginning to open.
 Another hosta bloom.
The hardy fuchsia is over six feet tall and blooming it's heart out.  A hummingbird went after Barnaby yesterday when he went to close to the fuchsia.
 The masterwort, Astrantia Major,  flowers keep attracting my camera lens.
 The honeysuckle, Lonicera japonica 'Purpurea', fills the backyard with its sweet fragrance.  My favorite.
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Now, I must go.  My Pirate rented a sod cutter, so I can fit more plants in the yard.  Have I mentioned how much I love this man?  Have a wonderful weekend!