Lost and Found

This morning as I was sipping my coffee, My Pirate walked into the house with a huff, a kitchen sponge held high between his pinched fingers, and he asked, “Why did you put the kitchen sponge in the yard debris container?!?” 

I stared at the sponge with a blackened corner from cleaning the grill and squealed with joy. I felt the worry slide off of my shoulders that kitchen sponge pieces were floating around in the intestines of my beloved dogs.  But, then I felt his question hit me square in the face like a wet moldy washcloth. 

This close-up of a borage flower has nothing to do with the story at all.  It's pretty.  

Why had I? Me. Put the kitchen sponge in the yard debris container?

The answer:  I don’t know. Which Dani, the therapist from the show Necessary Roughness would reply, “You mean, you don’t want to tell me.”

No, actually, I have no clue how the sponge got into the yard debris container.  My current theory is that the sponge somehow got placed in the bottom of the compost bowl (for vegetable debris) on the kitchen counter and then I emptied it out into the yard debris bin, thus showing the sponge.  Sounds good to me.

But then there is the matter of the tweezers that My Pirate found stuck firmly in the teeth of our garbage disposal, yesterday.  How did that happen?  I’m thrilled that the garbage disposal is working again.  But as for the tweezers?  I’m at a complete loss.

Gnomes.  We must have garden gnomes on the loose.  That’s all I can say.