A Quiet Day

Yesterday, we enjoyed a quiet day off.  I put away the chore and project lists, turned off social media, and took time to be with My Pirate and our dogs. 
After we got up and fed the dogs, we turned right back around and took a morning nap.  It was fabulous!  Then we sipped our coffee together and watched the dogs wrestle and play.  

Barnaby and The Assistant enjoyed lying in the lawn chewing on sticks and pine cones while soaking up the sunshine.  Barnaby makes the funniest faces while he chews on sticks.  What do you think he is saying in each picture?

The evening breeze kicked up off of the Columbia River like it does on most sunny evenings. And I tried to take pictures of the sun glowing through the masterwort flowers, Astrantia major,  as they danced in the breeze.

I savor our quiet days together. They help me feel grounded and grateful for the riches in my life.  And I am grateful for you, my readers!  Thanks for stopping by.