Radish Salad on Crostini

One of my favorite springtime delicacies is radishes.  Don't roll your eyes at me, I'm not talking about those hulking spicy monsters that you find at the supermarket.  Oh no.  Radishes plucked early from the garden before they've developed too much heat are tender and mild with just the right amount of astringency. I planted my radish seeds late due to my bad case of Puppy Brain, as you all know.  But, yesterday, after laying soaker hoses in the Hazel Dell Community Garden, I was rewarded with fresh tiny radishes.  Thanks, Bobbi and Barbara!  
I took the radishes home, washed them, took a few quick pictures, and chopped them up...greens and all into a salad.  I dressed the radishes with a quick glug of good balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I added a pinch of kosher salt, a grind of pepper and then I stacked my radish salad on top of crostini (toasted baguette slices).  And My Pirate and I savored our springtime treat. 

Happy May Day!