Dog Spit in My Coffee

When we brought Barnaby home from the vet’s, I told The Assistant that I got a puppy for her.  Well, after a touch of trepidation and much sniffing, she has taken that to heart.  She has taken Barnaby to heart and they are tight pals.  Our daily schedule has shifted to incorporate Barnaby’s needs and they both eat, play, and nap together.
Don't bother me!  I'm chewing on a pinecone.
Along the way, The Assistant has been teaching him some life lessons like how to lie in the grass on a sunny afternoon and chew on a stick or a pinecone.  And Barnaby has taught The Assistant how to rough house and play.  We purchased a food ball for Barnaby and it’s The Assistant that’s playing with it right now.  Barnaby is bringing out The Assistant’s inner puppy.

I knew that things were going well last weekend when I caught The Assistant in the act of demonstrating how to steal coffee from Charlie’s coffee cup.  She tipped the cup with her paw and pulled back as Barnaby plunged his face in the cream and sugar laden cup and tipped it over in his enthusiasm.  I lunged for the cup while exclaiming my displeasure.  I ran for paper towels and by the time I returned, every sip of the coffee was gone.  Which made me wonder, how long has The Assistant been stealing sips of our coffee?