I Chopped It Up

Two years ago, I prepared homemade pork tacos for dinner and realized that I didn't buy any tomatoes for the salsa.  I scrambled around the kitchen looking for inspiration.  And my eyes landed on a moldering mango on my windowsill, green onions and cilantro in the crisper, and radishes in the garden.  I chopped it up, squeezed some lime juice on it and called it Radish and Mango Salsa.  And you know what, it was really delicious.  My Pirate reminded me to write it down and I'm so glad that I did.  Now, I make it every spring when the mangoes go on sale.

Today, I looked up in my hanging fruit baskets and eyed a ripe mango and remembered the fresh radishes that I plucked out the Hazel Dell Garden on Wednesday.  So, I made us a snack after My Pirate got home from work this afternoon. The salsa tasted sweet and spicy on the salty crisp nacho chips.  We enjoyed our snack while discussing our weekend plant shopping strategy.  

Mango Radish Salsa—inspired by the contents of my fridge

  • ·      Cilantro, rough chop--I use about a tablespoon
  • ·      Mango diced—ripe and juicy 
  • ·      Green onion—1 sliced or red onion, diced
  • ·      Lime juice
  • ·      2 large radishes sliced—fresh out of the garden is best, but store bought works fine
  • ·      salt

 Combine and serve immediately.

I recommend using this salsa with tacos, on a piece of fish, or even as a snack with nacho chips.  You can substitute any sweet fruit for the mango, but I recommend staying true to the radishes.  

Oh myy, what a big radish you have there! Yes, it's a real radish.