Good Morning

I am not a morning person, and most definitely not an early morning person.  Mornings are meant for sleep, pajamas, and strong French press coffee.  It just so happens that Barnaby, our 10 week old puppy, doesn’t agree.  He thinks that early mornings are filled with breakfast, potty breaks, play time, and then snuggles.  Barnaby loves early mornings.  I’m humoring him.

This morning, after Barnaby was fed and had started his morning wrestling session with The Assistant, I slipped outside with my camera and took a few shots before the camera battery died.  It doesn’t like early mornings either, apparently.  And I took in the beautiful morning light.  The Victory Garden was transformed and I watched joggers and pedestrians pass through and smile a good morning.  Suddenly, I was sold on early mornings, well, at least early morning light in my garden.  Then I went inside and drank really strong coffee.