Tuning Out

My brain tunes out anything that I find deeply annoying and it’s great when I want to ignore a marching band warming up or My Kid when he practices high notes on his trumpet.  But tuning things out can get me into serious trouble, especially in the kitchen. 

I simply don’t hear my kitchen timer anymore.  It can be screaming at the top of its digital lungs and it simply doesn’t sink in.  My Pirate and My Kid look at me like I’m an imbecile and say, “TIMER”.  And then I dash into the kitchen and check on whatever is on the brink of burning.

We purchased our new microwave two weeks ago and my brain has already tuned out its chime.  Isn’t that weird?  Do you do that too?  The only successful strategy that I’ve found is setting my iPhone timer to a song.  My brain can catch the music and thankfully, my iPhone timer doesn’t stop singing out until I turn off the timer.  But, I’ve had to change the timer song a couple of times so I can catch it the first time through.

Does anyone want a used kitchen timer?  I have one taking up space on my fridge next to my tomato magnet.  My Pirate claims that it still works.