Three More Days

For the past week, I’ve lived on my pot of I Might Be Getting A Cold Soup, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hot tea.  My spigot of snot (runny nose) has slowed to a trickle but the mucus has travelled and thickened in my lungs and ears.  I feel cranky like a monster movie villain complete with the requisite slime. 

But, I know that I’m on the mend because my dogs’ are no longer lying on top of me and The Assistant has bored of stealing my used hankies and shredding them on the floor.  I’m on the verge of feeling better.   And thank goodness for that because The Yard, Garden and Patio Show opens this Friday at the Oregon Convention Center.  This garden show kicks off my spring fever and I’m ready.
So, I only have three more days of winter and then I’ll start dreaming up a storm about the coming garden season.  I can’t wait.