Romance and Valentine's Day

I’m not a big fan of Valentine's Day.  It somehow feels forced to me.  Expected. I’d much rather be surprised with a romantic gesture on any other day of the year.  Just not on Valentine's Day.

Instead of the fancy box of long stem red roses that My Pirate used to send me, now My Pirate doles out more romantic gestures all year long.  And I love it.  Sometimes he warms my towel in the drier while I take a shower, so I can dry off with a warm fluffy towel.  I wake him up with his favorite coffee and scrambled eggs.  And all these tiny gestures fill our year up with love and happiness.  Try it. 

Update:  Don't think for a sec that I baked these adorable cookies!  All the credit goes to my friend, Toni Bagnall.  While I took pictures with my iPhone, she filled the cookies with yummy pink frosting and topped them with sprinkles.  Too cute.