Indian Plum

The Indian Plum shrub, Oemleria cerasiformis, is one of my favorite native plants.  I was first introduced to it in third grade by a park ranger while on a class field trip.  The park ranger picked off a leaf, tore it in half, and asked me what it smelled like and it smelled like a freshly cut cucumber.  It was a magical moment that kick-started my love of plants.  
Indian Plum,  Oemleria cerasiformis
In high school, I was an outdoor school camp counselor that taught sixth grade campers about native plants while we hiked around Camp Eagle Fern.  The Indian Plum never failed to wow the students unlike encouraging them to lick a slug to experience the numbing sensation of slug slime.  Which I think is a pretty cool defense strategy, but I digress here. 

I’ve been growing an Indian Plum shrub in my backyard for the past six years.  I placed it so that I can see it out my back windows.  I enjoy its early white blossoms that emerge before the foliage. 

And the hummingbirds enjoy it too.  A female Anna’s Hummingbird curiously supervised The Assistant and me while singing a nonstop litany of threats as I took the pictures for this post. Unfortunately, I failed to capture a good shot of the hummingbird while she nibbled on the Indian Plum buds.  Maybe next time.