Garden Blogger Bloom Day, November 15th

In November, I consider my garden a sloppy mess and focus on clean up work on sunny days, but today was different.  As I read my favorite garden blog, Danger Garden, I looked at Loree's bloomday post and wondered how many flowers were blooming in my garden.  I pulled out my camera and enjoyed the beautiful day while I poked around the garden looking for flowers.  Here's what I found. 

I started in the back yard and found that my hardy begonia is still blooming on the back patio.  The blooms are beautiful and the red veining in the leaves looks stunning when backlit.  

This common wax begonia is glowing in the sun and I'm reminded that we still haven't had a hard frost yet.

I missed this bloom when I pruned my Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea earlier in the season.

The leaves on my Variegated Giant Dogwood, Cornus C. 'Variegata' are turning a lovely shade of pink in the white edges of the variegation. 

The fuchsia, Ladies' Eardrops, is a powerhouse bloomer and the hummingbirds love it. It reached five feet tall this year.  

I found the last common japanese anemone bloom today.  It's been blooming since late July.

The bears breeches are still blooming. 

I enjoy the beautyberry this time of year. It has recovered from it's move last year and is completely covered with berries. 

The Assistant helped me look for flowers.

In my front yard, the Husker Red Penstemon is putting on a second set of blossoms for a late season show.

The Mohania eurybracteata 'Soft Caress' is blooming this year for the first time.

The neighbors Harlequin Glory Bower Tree is a beautiful weed in my yard. If you want one, let me know.  

The lemon thyme is blooming in the front victory garden.  I use it when I make roasted chicken.

The rosemary has started blooming too.  

The gold oregano is blooming around the base of my new Japanese Bitter Orange tree. 

I recently hacked back the borage because it keeps leaning over the sidewalk.

The cape fuchsia is winding down for the season.

A new seedling of autumn joy is blooming it's heart out at the base of my new honey bush.  I need to move it next spring.

The hebe is still blooming.  Will it survive the winter?  

The chocolate cosmos is still cranking out blooms.  They are such a treat in November. 

The Kaleidoscope Abelia is blooming at the base of the tetrapanax.  

The fatsia japonica recently pushed up a bloom stalk.  

The Tiny Tim Spurge is blooming on the edge of the sidewalk. 

I stopped by the community plot today to see what was blooming.  The purple cosmos were undeterred by my neglect.

The zinnias continue to bloom.  They recovered from a wild brown rabbit shearing them earlier in the season. It moved into my cucumber patch and sampled the produce.

This variegated orange Alaskan nasturtium charmed me this year.  I planted three packets of seed alongside the pathways and I added the blooms to my salads and offered them to brave guests.  

Here is one of the last sunflower blooms of the season.  It's sitting in a vase on my table.

Thanks for taking a walk through my garden with me.