A Tube of Biscuits

This past week, my blazer and dishwasher broke on Tuesday and the washing machine died, convulsing mid cycle, on Saturday.  Fortunately, My Pirate was able to repair the blazer and we managed to momentarily revive the dishwasher.  Sears is delivering my new washing machine tomorrow. 

In my life, these things happen in threes like sneezes and plant purchases.  So, after Tuesday, I was busy trying to suss out what appliance was about to go next and I suspected my range.  It errors on a regular basis and I have to flick the circuit breaker to reset it.  I’m currently reading Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery by Sebastien Rouxel and it’s simply amazing.   In it, Sebastien Rouxel recommends baking up a tube of ready-to-bake biscuits to learn where the hot spots in your oven are and to see how hot or cool your oven runs. 

I spent $1.50 on a tube of Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits.  This is how they turned out. 

The biscuits were perfectly baked at the minimum time and the biscuits on the front right of the pan weren’t as brown as the rest. Now I know that I have a cool spot and need to turn my cookies or pie halfway through.  The biscuits were delicious with a fried egg and a cup of strong coffee.  I expressed my gratitude for all of My Pirate’s help this week by picking him up a good bottle of rum, of which I stole just a little slosh, to use in the Black Bottom pie that I’m baking tomorrow.