Julie and Julia Inspiration

I just finished watching Julie and Julia and that movie always makes me want to cook. And it’s a different meal each time.  The last time I watched it with My Pirate, we hit pause, and made poached eggs and sipped white wine.

Tonight, I toasted baguette slices in a skillet with a mix of olive oil and butter with a smashed garlic clove.  And I topped my toast with a tomato salad made from basil and a mix of Green Zebra, Indigo Rose, and Early Girl tomatoes fresh from my garden.  And I added a splash of white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and topped it off with Fleur De Sel and a tiny pinch of cayenne.

I took a quick shot of it on Instagram and dug in.  It tasted fantastically good; bright and fresh like summer itself.  Watching Julie and Julia always leads to good things in the kitchen.