Bouquet of the Week

I picked this bouquet for my friend Vicki who is lovely and elegant. She hosted the last fire pit evening of the summer and I wanted this bouquet to be something that would hold it's own on a table in her stylish home.

I started with a round vase that I found at a garage sale for twenty five cents that had colored stones in the bottom.  And I added deep purple Castor Bean Plant*, weigela, cape fuchsia, bears breeches, bronze fennel, and white Japanese Anemone. And right before we left, I added some grasses which aren't shown here and I removed the castor bean leaf on the far left of the vase.  And I felt happy with it.   And the best part was giving it to her!

* Castor Bean Plant is highly toxic, so don't use it in bouquets in homes with small children or pets that like to sample foliage.  I grow mine in my front yard away from pets and pedestrians.