Wednesday Vignette: Melting Ice Sculpture

I woke up Sunday morning to My Pirate opening the bedroom curtains and happily pointing at the big fluffy snowflakes coming down. I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes and grabbed my camera as I stepped out the door. And I took a series of out of focus shots. Note to self: drink my coffee before operating a camera!

In the afternoon, rain started to fall and freeze over the top of the snow. Freezing rain smells crystalline clean and the trees start to creak with the ice. I remember the scent and noise from my childhood. My Mom would stand at the open front door and whisper, "freezing rain." A quiet hush fell over the neighborhood except for the lunatics on their go-carts and four wheelers that roared by our house narrowly missing the neighbors truck. 

The next morning, we slid on our cleats and took a walk through the corn field near our house. When we returned home, I photographed the details of the melting ice. A chickadee landed on my tripod and kept me company for a few moments before returning to the feeder. I took these two shots looking up at the ice on a branch of the Coral Bark Japanese Maple. They are unusual looking and I haven't decided if I like them yet. What do you think?

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