My Ten Favorite Photos from 2015

Before I step into a new year, I'd like to take a moment to look back at my favorite photos of 2015. This is my third year participating in A Tidewater Gardener's year end photo wrap up called My Ten Favorite Photos.  I kicked off 2015 by purchasing a new macro lens and my garden has never felt so huge and fascinating. I took all of these shots in my home garden except for one in my community garden. It has been a fun year behind the camera.

Indian Plum Blooms

February 18, 2015

The Indian Plum blooms attract me and the Anna's hummingbirds. I was being scolded by a hummingbird while I took this shot on a grey February afternoon. Am I the only one that gets bullied by their hummingbirds?


Magnolia Spring 

March 14, 2015

The Star Magnolia beside my driveway captivates me each spring. 

Dandelion Arrow

April 3, 2015

I'd never realized that dandelion seeds look like arrows until I took this shot. This shot placed second in Saxon Holt's Spring Picture This Photo Contest. I took Saxon's advise and cropped the image closer and increased the contrast. Thanks for the help, Saxon! 


Garden Hat Thief

April 22, 2015

Barnaby loves to steal my favorite garden hat when I'm busy working in the garden. This time I grabbed the camera to capture the brat in action. 


Summer Lovin'

June 1, 2015

I took this picture in the Pacific Park Community Garden. A neighboring plot had a huge aphid outbreak on their fava beans and the ladybugs joined the party. Did you spot the aphid quivering on the underside of the leaf trying not to get eaten?


Meadow Rue Seeds

June 13, 2015

Meadow rue seeds make a lovely addition to the front garden. As the evening light poured through the neighboring fir trees, my macro lens captured the shadowy light as purple. I like the effect.


A Hose Runs Through It

June 23, 2015

This shot of our newly remodeled back garden captures a peaceful moment right after sunrise when the sunlight pours into the space. These are the moments that make me feel rich as a gardener, even when I have more mulch to spread. 


Golden Spiderweb

August 10, 2015

Cardoon Dreams

August 10, 2015

Can you imagine sleeping in flowers? Sometimes, I envy our bees and native pollinators. This bee wanted to sleep in.

Autumn Fire

November 14, 2015

This Coral Bark Japanese Maple's leaves turned orange this year instead of gold like the other two trees.  


Autumn Gold

November 22, 2015

The last couple of leaves clung to the vine maple during our first frosty foggy morning of the fall season. 


So, there you have it. My 10 favorite photos of my garden plus one from the community garden this year. The last three years, I've focused on photographing my garden. This next year I'm participating in an art gallery show featuring Heritage Farm, that houses the Clark County Master Gardener program. So, I'm going to be out exploring and photographing all 79 acres and all the creatures and plants that call it home! 

Les/A Tidewater Gardener, thank you so much for all of your inspiring photographs and for starting this awesome meme! Make sure to go see his shots and the other participating bloggers.

Have a wonderful New Year!!