There's a Cherpumple in My Kitchen

Sometimes I need a little processed insanity in the kitchen to balance all of my scratch cooking and home grown produce.  When I watched Charles Phoenix bake his Cherpumple in this video, I was mesmerized.

I mean, it's just three different flavored freezer pies baked into three different flavored cakes stacked into a behemoth of a cake dripping with store bought cream cheese frosting that is somehow designed to impress your friends. What could possible go wrong?

Well, first off don't let Charles Phoenix's little five minute ditty of a video fool you about the money and time that this cake costs.  My cake cost $28 and it took half a day to construct.  Not even my Bavarian Banana Cake recipe takes that much effort and cost.  But, I did giggle throughout this project, even though the pumpkin pie floated up in the spice cake batter and tilted as it baked.
My Pirate helped me assemble the cake and even put the final coating of frosting and sprinkles on it while I was enjoying myself at Heather's tech/blogger/garden party.  He did a great job.  

Our friends giggled and gasped in surprise at those three mighty pie cake layers.
 The obsessed calorie counter of the group cried out, "My God!  Do you even know how many calories are in that thing?"

Roughly 22,000, give or take a thousand. Once cut open the Cherpumple leaned sideways like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  My advice is to put the pumpkin pie cake on the bottom for better structural support.

And the Cherpumple eventually collapsed.  

I managed to eat a couple of sugary sweet bites before giving up.  I confess that I'm not into processed desserts.  But, I do believe that Charles Phoenix is onto something with pies baked into cakes.  A sour cherry pie baked into a chocolate truffle cake sounds sublime.  I might have to try that someday.  But for now, I'm happy to conclude my Turducken Cherpumple phase in the kitchen.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to bake a Cherpumple?