Stewartia Monadelpha is My Favorite Tree

Stewartia Monadelpha, commonly known as the Tall Stewartia tree is my favorite tree in our garden.  I purchased it two years ago from Tsugawa's Nursery and it continues to charm me. 

It greets me as I walk through our garden gate.  I normally stop and touch a fuzzy leaf.

Last year, the leaf tips burned while I was on crutches and I was concerned that my tree was unhappy in its new home.  

So, I've kept a careful eye on my Tall Stewartia this summer and fall.  It's thriving.  

I love it's simple white flowers in July.

And the lovely cinnamon bark that decorates our winter landscape.

Right now, I'm enjoying the fiery autumn foliage that looks like it could glow in the dark.  

It doesn't, I checked.

I may bring some leaves inside when they drop.  Tall Stewartia trees like part shade, acidic soil, are drought tolerant once established, grow 20 to 25 feet tall, don't require pruning, and don't have any pest problems.  It's the perfect time to plant one in your garden!    

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