My Bored Barnaby

This weekend, during the two storm warnings of 50 mile per hour wind gusts and heavy rain, while our community huddled inside around the fire sipping hot cocoa, I was outside walking the dog park with Barnaby.  I kept an eye on the power lines as we passed near the towers and watched the fir trees blow in the wind and I laughed that I was far more afraid of being inside with my crazed lunatic of a puppy than being electrocuted or squashed under a tree branch.  We both returned home soaked and in good spirits.  I won't even repeat what My Pirate said when he joined us at the park.  
Barnaby at 7 months old and 111 pounds.
Barnaby is going through an 'active' phase.  Whenever I try to do something that doesn't involve him, he gets bored and chews on the trim, grabs a 'fun' object (Barnaby, put down the kitchen knife...), or destroys something I value.  His growth spurt of a pound a day has ended and now he's filled with exuberant energy. He's adorable and destructive.

Last night, I found him on our bed with my shorts hanging around his neck. How did he manage that?  Today, while I was getting ready to head out for errands, he was in my office chewing the wire on my computer charger into one inch pieces.  I carefully placed him in his crate for his safety.  From me.  Then researched computer chargers.  Only to realize that my bank card had expired and I had put the new one in a 'safe' place.  Safe as in, safe from me ever finding it!    

And as I pulled out of my driveway with my new bank card, I noticed that all fifteen of my tomato plants were black with their leaves curled up and I knew that late season blight had arrived when I wasn't looking.  Rats! 

On a positive note,  I found my new computer charger, bought four new toys for Barnaby, and a bottle of red for me. Then I exercised Barnaby at the dog park.  I get to start tomorrow by ripping out tomato plants and throwing them in the trash.  But right now, Barnaby is chewing on his new elephant toy and I'm here red whining it.  Cheers!