Bee Balm and My (Wily) Pirate

Today, I finally capitulated to a seven year battle between me and My Pirate in the garden.  After digging out plants to make room for my 96 (according to My Pirate)new acquisitions, I kneeled down and dug out the three new Bee Balms and added it to the big box for my friend, The Plant Rescuer, to take home.  They will live on, which felt good, but a bit sad for me.  Every year, I plant Bee Balm with high hopes and the next spring, My (wily) Pirate 'weeds' them out.
He now knows from my expression what he's done and simply says, "Time to hit the nursery?"

I've edited other plants out of my garden for being susceptible to pests.  I could bait:  Slugs like beer and pirates like rum, but it's all about the effort involved.  And it's high time for me to try a pirate resistant plant.  Any suggestions?