My Little Monster

We've been playing a new game at our house this past week, since Barnaby was diagnosed with eye  infections.  The game is called put the eye drops (3 times a day) in the headstrong 104 pound puppy's eyes.  My Little Monster shimmy and shakes away from me while I laugh at our dance. 
His eyes are healing and I'm getting a good workout. 
Barnaby with the 'zoomies'.
Every night at 7 pm, Barnaby gets the zoomies.  His eyes get wide and look a touch wild, then he tucks his tail between his legs and he races around the house as fast as he possibly can for one hour. Yes, one hour.  The Assistant may need counseling.

A month ago, he knocked me down like a bowling pin and somehow, I landed on him.  I turned my face to his and he licked my forehead and looked at me like, 'that was fun!  Can we do it again?'  

So, I began Operation Exhaust Barnaby and it has helped.  I walk him daily and we visit the dog park near our house. 

Barnaby chasing The Assistant at the dog park.
He has mixed feelings about the dog park because there aren't any cushy patio chairs with sticks.  But, he does have a puppy crush on a cute Black Lab puppy named Noomie.  And he thinks it's funny to watch me pick up and carry his poop in a bag.  

It's true; a tired dog is a good dog.  I adore My Little Monster.