Following The Outlaw

On Saturday, The Creative Flux, My Pirate, and I followed The Outlaw, Danger, and a Bonny Lassie on a breakneck plant nerd thrill ride on the Kitsap Peninsula Nursery Romp.  After years, of vicariously pressing my nose against the computer screen following other garden bloggers' adventures, I was out on the horticulture prowl with My Pirate.  (And he wasn't even demanding any rum afterwards!) With our detailed itinerary in hand from The Outlaw and our Google maps app telling us where to go, we were off and running.

We warmed up at Valley Nursery.  It was a great nursery with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. And I saw My Pirate plant shop for the very first time!  He was seriously looking for plants for The Death Bed.  And as he checked out, he teased Danger for not planting in threes, so she grabbed a third James Stirling Hebe.  My Pirate can be such a brat!
Behold!  My Pirate is plant shopping with Danger and a Bonny Lassie in the background.
I admired The Outlaw's new agave that he purchased at 50% off.  Isn't it gorgeous?

The Creative Flux fell for a new plant, but she let it go.  Only to regret it later.
The Creative Flux and her new find.

The Outlaw and Danger are heading back to the car,  so we'd better hurry up!
And somehow, someway, she got compost in her pants.  It was a good thing that we stopped to work out the kinks before we got serious at Heronswood.