Turning Forty

I am turning forty years old tomorrow but I feel like I’m turning forty years young.  Never before in my life have I felt such freedom to simply be myself.  I’m no longer thinking about what I’ve always wanted to do, I’m doing it.  And despite this bittersweet year, I feel happier than ever before.

It suddenly occurred to me a couple of years ago that this is my life and I’m going to live it my way.  I used to feel torn when people told me that I wasn’t ‘real’ or ‘normal’.  I’m so over that.  This is my journey and I’m going to pursue what matters to me.

Everything that I knew at twenty, I don’t know at forty.  I feel like a beginner again and it feels great.  Not having to know things is so much fun in the garden and kitchen.  It allows for greater creativity and less stress.

I’m mellowing as I age.  Middle age pleasures are affordable and easy to find.  I’m not interested in trendy restaurants and hot clubs.  I seek quality time and connection with the people and dogs that I care about.  And that’s as easy as popping open a bottle of wine and sitting on the patio with My Pirate or taking my dogs for a walk.

I’m grateful that my journey has brought me here.  I love my life. I’m walking across the threshold of forty with a smile on my face as I enter a new story.  Lets see what’s next…