Road Trip to Ocean Shores

Our road trip up and around the Washington State Peninsula was a last minute adventure filled with fog, scenic rain forest views, expansive beaches, great seafood and time with My Pirate.  It was just what I needed.  And the very best part was the twinge of missing our dogs, garden, and home.

On our way up to Ocean Shores, we drove past Goose Point Oysters on Willapa Bay and made a quick U-turn to pick up some fresh oysters.  We bought a dozen oysters that were pre-shucked using High Hydrostatic Pressure.  I buy their oysters regularly at New Seasons and it was fun to poke around the place and take pictures.  

We stopped for the night at Ocean Shores and I never plan on returning.  Cars, mopeds, and horses were all over the fog encapsulated beach and the town was aimed at family fun.  I was looking forward to a quiet romantic walk on the beach that simply didn't happen there.  We dodged traffic, horse shit, and the 'natural' green bubbling slime in the water.  We laughed, rinsed off in the razor clam area, and went upstairs to enjoy a picnic and a movie in our room.  

We feasted and then I fell into a deep sleep and didn't wake up until morning; the first time since we adopted Barnaby.  So, I started the next morning with a kick in my step and a deep desire to leave Ocean Shores in our dust.