Chinese Ground Orchid is my favorite plant in my garden this week!

Chinese Ground Orchid, Bletilla ochracea, and ants
My favorite plant in the garden this week is my Chinese Ground Orchid, Bletilla ochracea.  Isn't it a stunner?  It's supposed to bloom in June, so I'm happy to see it strutting its stuff in August.  This spring, I added two Chinese Ground Orchid's to Maya's memorial garden bed in the backyard. Yes, this flower has survived Barnaby and The Assistant playing in the yard.

Chinese Ground Orchid, Bletilla ochracea, facts

  • zone 7a - 11
  • rich acid soil
  • part shade to part sun
  • even moisture--mine is watered weekly with a soaker hose
  • perennial
  • 14 to 16 inches tall

I purchased mine at The Rare Plant Sale, but you can find them at other nurseries listed here on Plant Lust.    Don't forget to stop by Danger Garden to see other garden bloggers' favorite plant picks of the week.  I love this meme!