Barnaby's Itchy Teeth

I woke up this morning to the sound of Barnaby ripping the stuffing out of my comforter.  I'm soo ready for this whole teething phase to be over.  Only one more month.  That's right, Barnaby is five months old tomorrow.  He looks like an old man without his dentures right now because all of his front baby teeth have fallen out.  And his gums are itchy.  He continuously begs at the back door to go sit on the patio furniture and chew on sticks.  I even splurged on a twenty dollar chew toy made out of saw dust, so he can chew on at 'stick' inside.
Barnaby chewing on a stick this afternoon
The only difference from two months ago, is that I have to push the two foot rests for him to fit!  He weighs over seventy pounds now.  But, he still thinks that he weighs ten pounds because he tries to fit on my lap.  
Two months ago
I've been surprised by the amount of muddy slobber he produces.  The Assistant and I look like we're covered in muddy slug trails by the end of the day. The (poor) Assistant...she has a puppy that is bigger than her.  But, they still cuddle up and he licks her ears.  And I'm happily counting down the thirty days until his adult teeth are in.