Visiting Xera Plants' Retail Store Opening

Today, I dropped by Xera Plants' retail store opening in SE Portland.   I've been eagerly awaiting the opening and when I mapped their location I was surprised to find that they are located one block away from my physical therapist's office, Lifestyles Physical Therapy.  Very dangerous, but in a good way.  

So this afternoon, I stopped by to snap a few shots.  This is the first time that I've brought my real camera into a nursery and I felt a bit self-conscious until the beauty of the plants captured my focus. 

 The plants are laid out like you would find in a garden.  The shade plants are located in the dappled shade of the neighboring tree and the sun plants are in the sun.  I was smitten with their diverse shade plant selection.
Sorry for the blur, I really need to remember to clean the dog spit off of my camera lens!

After I finished exploring, I went to my physical therapy and deep tissue massage appointment.  Then I returned afterwards, feeling like a new woman, to pick out a few plants.  And much to my surprise, I bumped into the elegant Ricki Grady from the blog Sprig to Twig that I only recently met at the garden blogger plant swap.  

From the top left to right:  Native butterly weed and Ribes sanguneum 'Brocklebanhii'
Bottom left to right: Cynara baetica 'moraccana', Podophyllum pleianthum, Gardenia radicans 'Frostproof'

I cooed and giggled over my plants as I paid for them and I was assured that I will love the blossoms on the Cynara baetica 'moraccana', which is a cardoon relative that has gorgeous 'florist worthy' flowers.  I wonder what I'll buy next time?  

Xera Plants is located on 1114 SE Clay Street in Portland, Oregon. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.