Sharing Your Garden with Your Best Friends

As a dog owner, I accept that my garden will not be ‘perfect’.  In fact, I designed my backyard around my dogs’ needs.  The Assistant and I negotiated her pathways that I affectionately refer to as the Race Track.  The Assistant loves to blast out the back door and race around the yard while birds and squirrels scurry out of her way.  I planted plants that I like but won’t grieve about if she wipes them out.  And most of my backyard plants can rebound after being cut back down to ground if they are trampled too severely.  The Assistant turns 11 years old next month and as she has aged, I have slowly added a few treasures.

Now that we have Barnaby, our 3 month old Great Dane puppy, I’m reassessing the backyard.  What can I add for him to enjoy?  Perhaps a sandbox to dig in?  I don’t know yet, but I’m hoping to figure it out at the upcoming WSU Master Gardener sponsored workshop (that I helped plan!), Sharing Your Garden With Your Best Friend at Pacific Park, at Pacific Park on June 15th at 10 am.  Garden Designers, Melinda Frey and Anne Taylor, will demonstrate how to grow a dog friendly garden.  The workshop is free with one hour of service in the demonstration gardens afterwards.  A great deal.  Please sign up at Brown Paper Tickets to reserve your spot.  I hope to see you there!