New Modock Potatoes

New Modock potatoes
The other night, when the pasta water was billowing up salty steam, it suddenly occurred to me that there might be new potatoes in the garden.  So, I grabbed my trusty trowel and went digging in our new potato bed (the old mint bed).  Sure enough, I found some.  I washed them up and threw them in the pasta water for six minutes.

I added butter, salt, pepper and a smattering of chopped parsley to the tender potatoes.  The new potatoes tasted delicate and slightly sweet as we took turns savoring bites.  Absolutely delicious.  Then we proceeded on with making our Pappardelle with Arugula and Prosciutto.      

My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with.  -Oprah Winfrey