Barnaby's Nicknames

Barnaby joined our family a little over a month ago and he fits right in.  He loves to be in the kitchen while I cook.  He sits between my ankles while I write.  He begs to go sit outside on the patio furniture with me and chew on a stick.  And he loves to snuggle up on the couch with us and watch movies.

Barnaby has already earned a few nicknames.  And I love to sing his name to him, barn-A-beeee!

Barnaby's nicknames
1.  Barnabus--his vampire alter ego when he turns into a crazy toothy puppy
2.  My Little Piranha--quick, hand him a chew toy!
3.  Dude
4.  Little Boy
5.  Buddy
6.  And his favorite name of all...Good Boy!