Watering Dirt

I love the way that cars slow down and look at me when I’m watering my Victory Garden with freshly planted seeds.  The passengers look at me like I’ve lost my mind because I’m just standing there watering dirt.  I smile and wave them on and giggle at their expense.  Silly people. 

The peas are up.  And the potatoes, radishes, scarlet runner beans, and onions are safely tucked in.  Good seed popping weather is in the forecast and I feel a touch giddy.  In another week or two, I’m going to start planting my warm weather crops.  But for now, I get to focus on other tasks on my Spring To Do List and enjoy our puppy, Barnaby. 

  My Spring/Summer To Do List
  • Spread compost
  • Rent sod cutter and remove sod for new projects
  • Build and install three new raised vegetable beds
  • Pressure wash patios
  • Paint concrete house foundation
  • Paint garage door
  • Clean garage
Barnaby loves spending time in the garden.  Good boy!