Nosey Nitpicking

My garden gloves aren't that dirty...or are they?
I feel like a platypus.  “A platypus?” you ask.  Yes, most definitely a cranky platypus.  Somehow, someway, this week as I weeded and spread compost, through my stupid cold (pestilence). I wiped my nose with the back of my dirty-gloved hand one too many times and developed a rip-roaring nose infection.  My nose and upper lip have swollen up so much that I can no longer smile.  My default expression.

Yesterday, I watched My Pirate and My Kid continually resist the urge to pick at it and try not to stare.  Ground zero of the infection looks like a zit with aspirations of world domination.  And it hurts.  

My doctor shook her head at me, and kept saying, that it must be painful, but she was snickering under all that compassion.  I could just tell.  So, I said, “Apparently, I need to work on my nose picking technique.” And she gave me extra topical antibiotic gel in case I do this again.  Again?!?

Learn from me.  Do not wipe your runny nose with the back of your dirty glove.  Or you too could feel like a cranky platypus.