Barnaby and Garden Blogger Bloom Day: April 2013

This morning, I headed out to the garden with my camera.  I had the best of intentions.  I really did.  But, I kept getting distracted by Barnaby.  I'd aim at a flower and this would be the image.

Or this...blurry cuteness.
 Then The Assistant started to get into the act.

 Barnaby kept running by...

while The Assistant supervised.  And I finally capitulated with a laugh.

Here are some pictures that I took the last couple of weeks. 
 The Wild Ginger is blooming underneath the new foliage.

A clump of Solomon's Seal and False Solomon's Seal are just beginning to open.
The bleeding heart are blooming.
And the Chocolate Vine continues to bloom even after being pressure washed by Super Charlie
 Happy Garden Blogger Bloom Day to you!  Please drop on over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens.