A Team Effort

Last Wednesday, My Pirate and I spent the morning preparing the Victory Garden for the upcoming season.  We filled up the raised beds with compost.  Then we moved the herbs to one bed.  I pulled out the horseradish.  And we tore out a 3 1/2 foot by 8 foot bed of mint while laughing and throwing compost clods at each other.  I'm never planting mint in a bed EVER again.  I've finally learned my lesson...I hope.  We chatted with our mailman about growing vegetables.  And pedestrians offered their input.  A teenager told us that, "you have the like the best garden, like EVER."  
 I have a tradition.  After the first satisfying hardworking day in our spring garden, I grill a t-bone steak from Costco for dinner.  

This year, My Pirate grilled one for lunch with grilled mushrooms and haricot verts (French green beans), while I took pictures.  Tip:  we wash our mushrooms in a bowl of water before we season them and drizzle them with olive oil.  It makes the mushrooms tender instead of leathery.  

We grilled the steak over high heat for six minutes on each side.  Then we let it rest under foil with a pat of butter on top.  Don't forget the pat of butter!  I grated the fresh horseradish through the microplane and stirred it into a glop of mayonnaise seasoned with salt, cayenne and several drops of lemon juice.  

Then, we sat on the back patio and shared our steak. We each giggled when we took the perfect bite.  I gave The Assistant the bone to work on.  Lunch was definitely a team effort.   

 And remember:  t-bone steaks taste best after working hard in the garden.  It's a proven fact.