My New Poetry Post

Ever since I read about Poetry Posts on Danger Garden, I've been dreaming up my very own Poetry Post.  Last week, I discovered a Poetry Post display at Garden Fever with poetry boxes!  

I purchased a poetry box with copper embellishments.  Isn't it pretty?

This morning I noticed that I needed to print off some more Shel Silverstein's Poet's Tree poem to share with the kids and parents that walk past my house to school.  So far, I'm thrilled with our new project.  

Underneath the poet tree
Come and rest awhile with me,
And watch the way the word-web weaves
Between the shady story leaves.
The branches of the poet tree
Reach from the mountains to the sea.
So come and dream, or come and climb—
Just don’t get hit by falling rhymes.
                                    -Shel Silverstein