Maintenance and Manicures

I’m a low maintenance gal.  I always marveled at all the potions and bottles of beauty products that My Kid used when he was in high school.  I used to tease him that he was a metro-sexual.  That is, until he didn’t know what a cuticle was…even I know that one.

Over the years, I’ve had many loving suggestions from family, friends, and the occasional stranger suggesting that I get a professional manicure and fake nails.  But, I would rather spend the time and money on the garden or cooking something great.  Plus, I simply can’t keep nail polish on my nails.  And where do you think it ends up as it chips off?  In the food I was preparing and the garden.  So, I file my nails every week and scrub my nails with a special brush to keep them clean. 

Because, I don’t need a perfect manicure to feel good.  But a good meal in a beautiful garden, that rocks my world.