A Sudden Crash

Gardening under a large fir tree is like playing Russian roulette with your darlings.  As in my darling plants.  Yesterday, I went outside, poked around the garden and took a few shots.

I took pictures of the blooming moss.

And then I moved on to capture the Indian Plum blossoms beginning to fall out of the leaf buds.

The breeze started to kick up and I hightailed it inside.  Good thing, too.  Because all of a sudden…CRASH!  Down came a tree branch. It landed right where I had been standing. 

Fortunately, it landed on the lawn and a pathway.  Only the variegated dogwood shrub got a bit munched.  I’ll prune it and it’ll bounce back.  Time to pull out one of my little electric chainsaws and cut up the branch for the fire pit.